Art Ever After One's Body Of Work by Anthony Gongora

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  Thursday, June 20, 2024 - Saturday, July 13, 2024

  Hallberg Center for the Arts - Freemore Gallery

Art Ever After One's Body Of Work

by Anthony Gongora  

in the Freemore Gallery 

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What is the purpose of looking back at one’s life as an artist? What does it mean to witness,in one exhibition, the evolution of an artist’s creativity? Is looking back in time essential to a future? How is trauma processed, and filtered/felt, and then given form? When we think of an artist’s body of work do we connect that body to the actual body of the creator? Where does art come from and where does it go? Is a body born an artist? Is being an artist a job? Is being an artist a life? Why art anything? Is art elemental like the air we breathe, like cave drawings?

Who answers the question of art?

The Witness answers.
To gaze upon an object of art, to focus one's whole intentions on seeing the thing before you,births an opening of perspective, chances a challenge of soul, expands beingness beyond present knowing. We open. Or we close. Reaction comes, and in doing so, Art has done its job. Art teaches one body at a time how to become more present in one's state of being. Why do we close? Why do we open?

The Witness answers.
Art is one-on-one like being with a beloved friend or lover. Through the intimacy of relating and the deep knowing of each other's truth, truths can be tested. Why do we hold to beliefs? Do beliefs expire? Is there another way to be human?

The Witness answers.
The above questions are at the core of Gongora’s heart. His body of work. Admittedly he is still questioned. Gongora invites you to become a witness, to see his body of work, to open up to the questions that rise to the front of your mind. Then to answer for self from within. This is a challenge. Make up your mind. Make up your mind. 

Art Ever After One's Body Of Work by Anthony Gongora

Anthony Gongora

Anthony Gongora is an interdisciplinary artist who is compelled by driving curiosity and imagination to create. His ongoing quest to fully explore and understand life has been expressed through myriad canvasses and clay and through award-winning choreography and performances as a dance artist. Gongora is an accomplished choreographer, performer, visual artist and educator. His most recent teaching appointment - a ten-year commitment -- was with The University of the District of Columbia, where he served as an Associate Professor of Visual Art. Simultaneously, he held the position of Professorial Lecturer at The George Washington University, teaching dance and related courses to graduate and undergraduate students. Gongora received several awards for his choreography, which has been performed in venues such as The Kennedy Center, Washington DC; Lisner Auditorium, Washington DC; Ailey Citigroup Theater, NYC; The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Maryland; Joyce SoHo, NYC; Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago; St. Mark’s Church, DanspaceProject, NYC and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Gongora toured extensively throughout the United States and his international appearances include France, Mexico, Germany, Israel, Russia, and Brazil. Gongora has also written and Illustrated three books, Amy’s Extra Tail Tale, Coupling Love is… and I Wonder, which are available digitally on iBooks.


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