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Erin Gunelson, Jim Lamers & Dewey Thorbeck

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Date: Thursday, May 19, 2022 04:00 PM - Saturday, June 18, 2022 04:00 PM

Venue: Hallberg Center for the Arts

An exhibit featuring Erin Gunelson, Jim Lamers and Dewey Thorbeck

Artist's Statement by Erin Gunelson

This body of work is about the shrinking moose population in North America due to the flourishing tick population. Climate change is causing the winters to become warmer and shorter and in turn causing the winter tick population to thrive for a longer period of time. In the last few years, moose have been found with hundreds of ticks feeding on them and many of the young calves are perishing. In this body of work, I’ve exaggerated the moose figure by abstracting the body form and expressing its facial features to draw in the viewer. I used bright colors to illustrate “ghost moose,” the term used to describe a moose that has rubbed off their fur trying to get the ticks off and exposing their bare skin. With my sculptures I want to shed some light on this phenomenon and bring awareness to the environmental effects of climate change.

Artist's Statement by Jim Lammers

Jim Lammers’ book, Capture the Moment: An Architect’s Guide to Travel Sketching is published by ORO Editions. With sketches form around the world, this book takes you on a journey starting with the definition of sketching and an introduction to right-brain drawing. You get a discussion of black and white and color sketching with a focus on colored pencil as a user-friendly medium. Perspective drawing is demystified and you then take side trips to understand shade and shadow, reflections, landscapes, streetscapes, sky and skyline.
Jim was trained as an architect back when freehand sketching and perspective were an integral part of the curriculum; he holds degrees from Columbia and Iowa State. Jim guest lectures in the Architecture Program at Iowa State and teach es at Marine Mills Craft School. His work has been exhibited at Landmark Center in St. Paul.

Artist's Statement by Dewey Thorbeck

Architects, landscape architects and planners who draw and record their travels in sketches have a special way of seeing the world. It is a methodology where images are engraved in their mind rather than on film. The photograph shows you reality as seen through the camera lens while the sketch records the emotion and character of place as seen through the eyes and hands of the artist. Dewey Thorbeck, FAIA, FAAR became an architect because he liked to sketch. Today he has 35 sketch books filled with ink and watercolor sketches of places he has visited and people he has met from all over the world. To him the making of place is rooted in the human spirit and is the basis for architecture. The spirit of a place exists in the feelings that people generate about it. A beautiful building can evoke an emotional response, but a beautiful building that is part of nature is poetic.


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