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Ranger Review 2023

Ranger Art Review 2023

An art exhibit by the students of the Forest Lake Area High School, Middle School & Community School. Displayed in the beautiful Hallberg Center for the Arts! Opens March 23, 2023.

To view the artwork, click on the 'play button' in the image below.  You can move about the room by clicking the left button on your mouse and holding it down, then move your mouse left or right to see the room.  There are light white circles in front of each of the pieces.  If you click on those, it will zoom in to a particular piece. Then toggle in or scroll up or down to view the pieces. To switch floors, click on the floor you want on the 'floor icon', 3rd in on the lower left hand corner of the image below.  To enlarge, click on the icon in the far lower right hand corner.

Most 7th-10th grade art pieces are in the Underground Gallery (Floor 1), unless they are paired with an upperclassmen's art piece. Upperclassmen are in the Main Gallery (Floor 2.)

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Ranger Art Review 2023 at the Hallberg Center for the Arts