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Nature and a Still Life



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Nature and a Still Life - An Exhibit by Teri Huro & Nicole Hoekstra

At the Hallberg Center for the Arts

 Nature & a Still Life with Terri Huro and Nicole Hoekstra at the Hallberg Center for the Arts

Terri Huro

Multidisciplinary artist who likes to play and have fun. Exploring techniques and mediums.

Nicole Hoekstra

After receiving my B.A. in Fine Arts from the UCLA School of Arts and Architecture, I was employed as a research assistant to the chair of the UCLA Design I Media Arts Department.  On the return to my hometown of Minneapolis, I continued to pursue my interests in fine art by combining photography and computer collage imagery into an array of work that attempts to convey a sense of the ephemeral and the real.  Over the years, as my art work has progressed, my visual and conceptual ideas have also developed and changed.  In many of my recent works, my interest in nature and animals has been a recurring theme.  

I blend color, light, form, and texture into abstract images to convey both a feeling of recognition and disorientation to the viewer.

Some of the landscape scenes, meant to be recognizable, were projected upon various other selected images, which I believed produces a complimentary but surreal emotional effect.  The still life pieces, which also suggest recognizable, symbolic images, uses form, color, and balance to focus and consolidate the compositions impact.

Finally, I wish to express my appreciation to my mentor and friend Professor of Art, Karl Bethke  for all his help and support over the years.

This exhibition will be on display through October 16, 2021.


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