Volunteer and make a difference in your community through the arts, with the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community and the Hallberg Center for the Arts.

Volunteer to help enrich the lives of thousands with the arts with the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community.Help Support the Arts in the communities surrounding Wyoming, MN.

Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community

We are a group of artists, musicians, writers, performers, and photographers, all committed to bringing the arts into our communities, creating a more vibrant community, and mentoring the aspiring.

All of our members are volunteers and 100% of all donations are tax deductible received go to support this cause.

We are looking for artists and people who just want to help build a stronger community through the arts.  We have regular spots at the Hallberg Center for the Arts to help us keep it open to the public.  We are always looking for help setting up and opening art exhibits.  And we are looking for people interested in fundraising, grant writing, construction, and more.


Meet Gail Fonnest and Claudia Hanson!  Both are painters, and Gail is also a poet and musician.  And both have been members here and helped out for several years, and they'll be reaching out to all of our members as they try and help out our art center.  So, when they call, please take a minute and talk to them.  Maybe you've even got some ideas!

To help Claudia and Gail out, we are offering you some incentives in exchange for a little bit of your time and energy.  Besides all the benefits of being a member and knowing that you're helping promote artists and art, we're offering memberships free of charge, some are NARM (North American Reciprocal Museum Association) Memberships that give you reciprocal memberships at over 1000 galleries and museums across North America.

We are looking for people to help staff our center (we're only open 4 hours a day, five days a week), and for that extra help we need for other events like Songwriters in the Round, Show Openings, our Solstice Block Party, and three other events where our artists work with kids and help them to paint on canvas with acrylic paint.

You can email using the form below, or call one of our Volunteer Directors...

Gail Fonnest
(651) 271-4205
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Claudia Hanson
(651) 324-0197
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